Back cover of How Government Silenced Irwin Schiff

For over thirty years, Irwin Schiff probed what may be the Federal Government's dirtiest little secret of all: that its primary source of revenue is raised not as a result of laws written by representatives elected by a supposedly sovereign People, but by lying and deception done by every one of its three branches. In so doing, he amassed more knowledge of the history and law of the US Income Tax than anyone else inside or outside of government.

Such knowledge is dangerous. Schiff devoted his life to spreading it far and wide, and that placed government in peril; its whole credibility, as well as its main supply of money, could have been destroyed. It was also dangerous to Schiff; for the first priority of any organization is to prolong its own survival. So as seen in Washington D.C., this irrepressible upstart had to be silenced.

After briefly reviewing what Schiff discovered and called "The Great Income Tax Hoax", author Jim Davies, who first met Schiff in 1984, here relates how that silencing was done. He then goes further, by suggesting how the US Income Tax may not, after all, be illegal and unconstitutional - but that if not, the wickedness of all three branches of government is far greater than previously perceived. He ends by proposing a radical solution - which has nothing to do with tax resistance that is almost bound to fail, nor with any violence, but with peaceful action that is virtually certain to succeed - within a single generation.

The large Appendix to this work consists of public-domain documents; legal motions and rulings filed in the 2005 case of US vs Schiff et al, that show the arguments used by both parties. The reader can judge for himself which were the more persuasive, and make use of any if needed.