Irwin Schiff's Appeal
to the Supreme Court of the United States

This is being presented to SCOTUS in June 2014 as a Petition for Certiorari. That means a request that the Court consider the matter of the Federal Income Tax and the related conviction of Irwin, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen in 2005. All other avenues of appeal have been closed.

95% of such petitions are denied - perhaps because the Court has only a limited number of hours in the day. Presumably, juniors and interns do review all of them, and recommend which 5% should be considered by the full Court. If Irwin's should fall into that 5% (as it certainly ought to), the Court could still rule against him. But he has made that action extraordinarily difficult.

If the Judicial Branch of government wants to revisit the fraudulent Income Tax, Irwin has given it a magnificent opportunity to do so; and if the Court does take it up, it's hard to see any probable outcome except to make it toast. History will then have been written, by one of the most courageous Americans of the past century, whom it's been our high privilege to know.

If on the other hand it does not so wish, all it has to do is to "deny certiorari." If that happens, everyone will know for certain that the i-tax is a conspiracy in which all parts of the FedGov are express participants. And that, too, will be an item of history.

The Appendix is 225 pages long and is not included in this web site. Here you can browse:

  1. The Cover pages
  2. Questions Presented
  3. Issues Presented (Here's the beef)
  4. Constitutional and Statutary Provisions Involved
  5. Authorities Cited
  6. Index to the Appendix
Readers will notice the elegant, concise presentation format; this is Irwin's best-ever work. We also notice that he wrote what he wished, including references to the US Constitution; no lawyer was required and so no middle-man was able to muzzle him. The Justices will get the message, full blast. If they wish to hear it.