Irwin Schiff #08537-014
FCI Fort Worth
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, TX 76119
                                          (Irwin died on October 16th, 2015. Here though is the kind of upbeat letter he sent throughout his imprisonment.)

Hello Boys and Girls,

The photo shown here is just for dramatic effect. In April I was moved again from Otisville, NY to Terre Haute, IN. In Otisville I was less than a two hour ride from my children and grandchildren; now it will be a two day trip, so I won't be seeing my family as much. Also we had only 125 inmates at Otisville, here we have 500; so Otisville was a lot cozier and prettier. Like Otisville there is no fence around this place, but also no deer or squirrels. Also I am a little more nervous about being here, since this complex (which contains two higher level institutions) has an execution chamber.

They moved me for medical reasons. There is a large hospital not too far away, so if I had a coronary or a stroke or a bad stomach ache, they could more quickly get me to a hospital. But I am not sick (they move people here with pacemakers) so I will try to get back to Otisville. If anyone has any connection with the BOP, give them a call on my behalf.

My nearby Supplemental Appeal briefs reveal not only the blatant injustice in the convictions of Cindy and myself but also the fraud and illegality involved in all such prosecutions. They also provide information that will help all those being harassed by the IRS as it goes about (without authority) illegally enforcing the income tax. Download them by all means, and send copies to newspapers and radio talk show hosts.

The public should also be made aware that it is the government's illegal enforcement of the income tax that has destroyed America's industrial base, making America now totally dependent on the importation of foreign goods (on credit) and on the importation of capital, making America's forthcoming economic collapse all but inevitable. Unfortunately - thanks to our own government - we are destined to experience what Chief Justice John Marshall warned us of that: "The power to tax involves the power to destroy."

I have always believed that Federal Judges misrepresented the income tax laws because they believed they were sufficiently complicated (even though they are benign) so that the public could not figure out what they were doing; and even if they could figure that out, they still could not generate the interest and publicity to expose them. But I really believe that my two Supplemental Briefs solve this problem. They are short enough and interesting enough and incisive enough (and the Court's actions blatant enough) to convince anyone of the obvious scam that has been going on in connection with the government's criminal enforcement of the income tax.

I will write more later.

Your friend,
Irwin Schiff.