Irwin Schiff's Grave, 10/16/2016

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No New England Zedhead joined my friend and me during our visit between 12:15 and 1:00 pm, the time announced. This would have been a disappointment to Irwin.

The cemetery was quite large and divided into several Jewish Congregations, but none of the notices displayed the name furnished by the funeral home: Adas B'nai Jeshurin. So we had to search for a few minutes to find the grave.

The big clue was the grave of his parents, Anna and Jacob.
We'd learned that Irwin's was close by.

The clincher came from a temporary label placed by the funeral home. It may have suffered under the blades of a grass mower.

Irwin was an accomplished amateur magician, and he must still be up to his tricks; because after I'd walked to the other end of his lot I turned round and saw that a notice had appeared at the far end! It forms a kind of temporary headstone.

A closer look revealed a quote from George Orwell, and a longer one from the back cover of the Federal Mafia. So yes, Irwin was definitely the author.

Doesn't that summarize exactly what this extraordinary man was all about?

We collected a few stones and placed them as close as possible to the temporary headstone in what we hoped was the Jewish tradition, as a sign of respect and gratitude (remember the closing scene of Schindler's List?)

Then after a moment of quiet reflection and recollection, we took our leave.

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