A Listing of Lies

Dawson's jury instructions are laced liberally with lies. Here is a summary.

1 You must follow the law as I gave it to you whether you agree with it or not That would make himself, the judge, the giver of law - contrary to Article 1 of the US Constitution, which delegates only to Congress the power to make law.

It would also negate the entire purpose of juries, settled in 1215 at Runnymede, which was to prevent the legislature (then, King John) issuing laws not subject to review and approval in court.

19 Gross income is defined in Section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code to mean all income from whatever source derived and includes wages and salaries. §61 actually says: "Gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) the following items..."

Stripped, Dawson said "gross income includes wages" whereas the law he said he was quoting says the "source" does the including. It's a matter of grammar; Dawson changed the subject of the verb "include" from "source" to "income". The implications are huge; in this lie is found the government's entire income-tax deception.

19 [Sections 1, 63, 61 and 6012], working together, make an individual liable for income taxes Not one of the four even contains the word "liable."

§6012 obliges some to "file" but only if "gross income" exceeds a threshold - and "income" is nowhere defined.

19 The IRS may assess taxes and may lawfully seize or levy property without court order in order to satisfy tax liabilities No such power is found in Title 26 with respect to income tax
20 The actual task of collecting the taxes, however, has been delegated [by the Secretary] to local IRS directors Not in Title 26 with respect to income tax; the IRS is not even mentioned in Subtitle A
21 In the absence of a tax return, the Commissioner... is authorized to independently calculate the tax owed and to prepare a substitute return for the taxpayer Not in Title 26 with respect to income tax; no such Code Section has been found
34 A certificate of assessments and payments [from the IRS] is "adequate evidence" of a tax liability That would empower a government employee to create liability where the Law does not
42 All persons who earn gross income in excess of the minimum required under the law are "persons" or "taxpayers" required to file income tax returns and pay income tax under the Internal Revenue Laws Since "gross income" is a term nowhere defined in the Internal Revenue Laws that is a statement on which it is impossible to take action.

Additionally, the filing requirement arises from liability as well as a threshold; the former is missing and the latter cannot be determined

42 Gross income includes the following: (1) Compensation for services.... This is a repeat of the second lie tabulated above. §61 says that the sources of income, not income itself, include those items