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Frequent Questions Subjects & Topics
1. How can I avoid paying income tax? Banking
3. What are the downside risks? Communication with the IRS
5. How do I file a Zero Return? Delegation of Authority
10. How do I stop tax with-holding? Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)
15. Must I pay a "Frivolous Penalty"? Garnishment, Liens & Levies
20. How do I get my refund? General Advice/Experiences
25. Why file, after the first year? Hearing Transcripts
30. Can I file amended returns? History & Legal Background
35. Can the IRS "change my return"? IMF/MFR
40. Am I really "Deficient"? IRS Admin/Procedures
45. Help! I got a "Notice of Levy"! IRS Restructuring & Reform Act
50. How should I prepare for a Hearing? Judicial Experiences
52. How can I best use a CDPH? Judicial Opinions/Rulings
55. How can I protect my assets? Parallel Tables of Authority
60. How can I sue the monkeys? Standard IRS Letters
65. Should I ever use "Tax Court"? Statutes and Regulations
70. Can I avoid State i-tax too?
75. And what about "Social Security"?