A Farewell from Jim

It's been a high honor to write for STR since 2004, this being the world's primary AnCap web site. My warm thanks go to all my friends and supporters for their many kindnesses and encouragement.

A word about Rob. From experience elsewhere I know that managing a group like this is a stressful and often thankless task, and Rob has performed it quietly and amazingly well, for most of this Century. His present reluctance to act decisively in the matter of Paul v Jim is an exception to that record. We owe him the existence of STR and its continuation to the present time.

The need to terminate the age of government becomes more urgent by the month, and the means to accomplish that is available in The On Line Freedom Academy. I'm aware of no other systematic, credible plan for getting the job done. If you're not on board yet, join now!

There are some additional resources I've been able to produce - please, make free and frequent use of them at will. Most are linked from my Home Page, TakeLifeBack.com - all my STRticles (and others) are indexed by subject via the link "On the Other Hand...", and there's one to The Anarchist Alternative; that's a short intro to a free society that I'm finding increasingly useful. You might too. Lastly it shows three of my books, which I think you would enjoy; and don't forget the little front-end to TOLFA at TinyURL.com/QuitGov.

The Zero Government Blog, also linked-to from there, contains a bunch of entries made over a year and a half but has been suspended since 2012. I'm thinking of re-activating it, perhaps with a modified frequency and character. Comments welcome. If you'd care to follow it, please click the "RSS feed" button now, so that you'll be reminded when anything happens there.

Paul Bonneau excepted, there are some exceptionally fine authors writing on Strike the Root and I look forward with pleasure to reading their work on a continuing basis, though I'll no longer be contributing myself.

Keep in touch, and good luck!

For liberty - in our time!

Jim Davies