If you enjoy the "On the Other Hand..." collection, you'll love these sites too, where the "freedom philosophy" can be explored further.

Keep abreast of the Libertarians in Sin City itself at the National LP. Bookmark that!

Liberty knows no boundaries, so also see what's going on worldwide with ISIL (the International Society for Individual Liberty.)

Little that's published by the government-licensed media will enlighten the mind, so satisfy your need to read some more by paying a visit to that master wordsmith Vin Suprynowicz; at that site you can find out how to get fresh copies of his columns e-mailed to you a couple of times a week. Then for some solid background reading don't forget the world's biggest libertarian bookstore at Laissez-Faire Books.

If you're concerned to break the justice system free of government control, see what the Fully Informed Jury Association is doing about that.

Uneasy about continuing to bank with government paper "money"? - e-gold offers a golden alternative already! Or if you prefer to touch and feel Lord Keynes' "barbarous metal" rather than owning it electronically, click here to buy coin bullion on line.

Individual freedom has been described as the "central axis" around which all philosophical debate revolves on the Internet; so there are hundreds of good places to go. One of my favorites is the site of former LPNHer David Eagle, with his delightful "Mingovia" vision; check it out. For those who prefer "Non" to "Min" there are two excellent resources: and Then help demolish the govt's "education" [sic] monopoly by reflecting on the Separation of School and State Alliance. Lastly stretch the mind with the site where Jim Bell's highly controversial "Assassination Politics" discovery is hotly debated.

The less government the more freedom, and one way to slash the power of government is to turn off its money spigot. Irwin Schiff, that great Resistance hero, having found out the hard way, will show you how to help do that - while hanging on to a bunch more of your own money! And in early 2002, the On Line School Of Schiff was made available, to teach that well-seasoned system more readily than ever before.

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