On the Other Hand...


by Jim Davies

Everything I've learned about government says that if the Feds were capable of executing a false-flag operation that did serious damage to some Americans while placing all the blame on some enemy, so as to "justify" even more restrictions on the liberties of the rest of us, they would do it in a heartbeat. Power is all these people live for, and they know no scruple.

Living for power includes, however, retaining the illusion of legitimacy; the public will not long continue implicitly to grant such power if it perceives that the operation was not what it was portrayed; that is, the public would be outraged if it were seen to have worked under a false flag. Accordingly, the Feds would, in such a case, have to make certain that every aspect of the operation followed a perfect plan, perfectly in every detail.

Of that, I do not believe they are remotely capable.

Accordingly, it is literally incredible that the bumbling idiots of D.C. should carry out the whole 9/11 attack and leave no trace of their involvement; and that, nothing less, is implied by any form of the MIHOP theory: that they Made It Happen On Purpose. The most efficient thing any government ever does is to wage a victorious war; yet after the event, nobody has ever shown that any war was won by any means other than that of making fewer blunders than the losing side. A MIHOP theory is absurd; it has no legs. On the one hand the commander in chief is widely and rightly regarded as a person of average intelligence at best, and quite poor even in English grammar (witness, his persistent trouble with pronouncing the word "nuclear") and yet the MIHOPians attribute to him the leadership of the most exquisitely brilliant large-scale deception ever, topping even FDR's Pearl Harbor coup - which required the inside knowledge of no more than half a dozen co-conspirators.

LIHOP in some form or degree is something else; it is possible that the top Feds knew an attack was pending and deliberately delayed a response, eg from the Air Force, so as to Let It Happen On Purpose. Certainly, the disaster brought greatly increased power and prestige to the government, which was quick to take advantage of it. However, even that theory is not necessary to account for what took place on the most significant day in US history so far in this Millennium.

What Did Happen, and Why

The story starts when Jews were dispersed from their homeland in the Eastern Mediterranean, following their revolt against Roman rule in AD 70. Remarkably, they preserved their racial identity for nineteen centuries, along with their religion - under which, not unusually, they believed that the universe has a creator, who had "chosen" them, the Jews, as his special favorites. Although widely dispersed, they retained that identity and so were often badly treated by their xenophobic neighbors; they were everywhere "different" and wanted to be, and that was and is resented. Pogroms and persecutions occurred repeatedly, and that drove Jews to stick together - the process became self-perpetuating and -reinforcing; the more they were ill-treated the more they took refuge together in their illusions about religion and racial importance and then, the more they were resented as "strangers" in whatever society they lived. Interestingly, the resulting compression - living nearby each other in city conclaves - helped lead to a couple of characteristics by which Jews today are well-known: academic excellence and craft skills, notably jewelry, a trade named after them.

The persecutions were never more horrible than those of the German government in the decade 1935-45. When that was done, with probably six million dead, the cry for a Jewish homeland was intense and found sympathy among the war victors. And the homeland demanded was the one they had left, 19 centuries earlier.

Just one problem: that homeland, called "Palestine", had for all that time, been owned and occupied by someone else, a people who followed a different religion, Islam. They did not volunteer to leave.

Notice: Jews could have migrated to Palestine individually, as indeed a few did. There were no immigration criteria. They could have gone as migrant workers, hiring themselves out as field hands to Arab landowners. being talented and hardworking, they would have prospered. A generation later, they would have been prominent, perhaps dominant, in that society - without ever having to call it the State of Israel or indeed to have any government at all, which would have been a fine solution given all the savagery they had suffered at the hands of governments. But alas they did not; with ample encouragement from dispersed Jews in this country, the US Government, than which there was none more powerful, arranged for force to be applied and in 1947 with its vigorous support the Palestinians were displaced and a State was set up under UN mandate to accommodate Jews permanently. Naturally, that State of Israel was not welcomed by those who shared the religion of the displaced Palestinians - including every one of the nearby other States. They made war at once, but were defeated. They did so twice more, later - and were defeated each time. The Israelis were determined, and had very powerful friends in Washington and so came well equipped. The resentment this caused against America in Muslim minds, however, was intense and long-lasting. And as the decades past and oil revenues flowed, those Muslims acquired the power to hit back.

The acts of vengeance started as airplane hijackings in the name of Palestine Liberation, and gradually escalated to the bombings of the 1990s - of the World Trade Center (bungled), two US Embassy buildings in Africa, and the USS Cole. They were carried out of course by fanatics; the world's 1.5 billion Muslims are supportive to some degree, but not participants. The fanatics no doubt have a political program and are playing to that gallery: "see what we can do against the Great Satan, so vote for us, support us, elevate us to greater influence in Muslim States." Then came 9/11, their most sucessful strike so far.

9/11: The Gory Details

It was well executed, though not perfectly; afterwards, it was clear that some of the suicide-murderers had left clues behind quite carelessly, with dots the FBI never connected. That says however not that the Feds knew all about the plot and did nothing to stop it; it says only that the Feds are idiots. That fits well with all else we know of them. Executed, though, it was, success accompanying the sheer audacity and surprise it brought. Only one of the four aircraft failed in its mission, thanks to flight delays which gave passengers time to absorb news of the other attacks and decide to attempt defense... with only plastic knives, thanks to government laws.

So did the other three hit their targets and accomplish their purpose. The Twin Towers collapsed because fire softened the thin metal struts connecting the outer load-bearing shell to the inner core; once the former buckled, there was no stopping a progressive "pancaking" of the floors. My only surprise was that the inner cores also collapsed with about the same speed; in the North Tower that too had been fatally damaged by debris at the impact level but in the South Tower that wasn't so because the impact was near a corner of the building; the pilot was less accurate. The complexity of the physics there is beyond me.

One other remaining puzzle is WTC-7, a conventionally-designed tower block badly damaged by falling debris which burned without control for 7 hours and then fell just as if it had been demolished by explosives, except that no flashes and bangs were noted. It's said that it was the first such tower ever to collapse due to fire, and that led some conspiracists to suppose that in fact it was brought down with explosives, on purpose, and a nice array of possible motives was presented.

In the chaos of 9/11 it's understandable that less evidence is available than we might like, but what seems probable is this:

1. As well as being the only tall structure ever felled by fire, it was also the only tall structure on fire that was never treated with extinguishers. Thus, there never was any tower at all, anywhere, that burned uncontrolled for seven hours whether it collapsed or not; so WTC-7 was unique in both ways and the argument that fire never felled such a building is false. Fires in all other burning towers were fought, and that is why they did not fall.

2. The physical damage was severe, more so than seen at first. In particular the corner nearest main-support column #79 was destroyed near the ground by debris from one of the taller collapsed towers.

3. The fires were probably augmented by fuel from diesel storage in the basement.

4. The fires softened (not melted, but weakened) many of the load-bearing support columns and eventually #79, already damaged low down, gave way altogether and so caused a load transfer to the others which, in their weakened state, then also gave way. In effect, the main support columns broke under heat and extra strain pretty well as they would have done if subjected to explosive charges; hence the rather clean, uniform collapse. It was noted, however, that the first sign of the collapse occurred on the roof directly above column #79.


The "official" explanation of the disaster is about right, except for the major and central omission of the motive question - the "WHY?" of it all. Why did 19 men, some of them quite intelligent and educated, and all of them courageous, deliberately sacrifice their lives so as to kill 3,000 others and cause mayhem? My answer is given above. I have not seen any other at all, let alone any that come close to it for credibility. It places the blame squarely on successive US governments and does so with evidence fully in the public domain and not open to challenge. 9/11 happened because successive US governments pursued a foreign policy hostile to Muslims during more than six decades, and since any foreign policy is by definition friendly to some parties and hostile to others, it follows that any foreign policy will attract the kind of retaliation that Muslim fanatics delivered in this case. Since it is not feasible in practice to have a government without some foreign policy, it follows that 9/11 happened because governments exist, and that retaliations in some form (usually that of wars by one State upon another) will continue as they have for 5,000 years for as long as governments exist.

From that it follows that the only peaceful and rational course for humanity is to abolish government.