Canapé About 20 million people work for government, at all levels. Some are unfulfilled and unhappy. This site shows them good reasons to quit. (When all have quit, a free society will begin.)
Hors d'Oevres In the early 1990s with Peter Verderosa, Jim made 100 weekly TV programs for broadcast across Connecticut, called "The Freedom Alternative," to spread the news that government is by no means indispensable. A selection of those broadcasts can now be seen on YouTube.

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  Here's a collection of about 300 articles written about liberty over several years. They undo some of the indoctrination we all suffer in twelve years of government schooling. Their archive is indexed by subject.
  Jim began in 2010 to write a regular Blog, to contrast current events with how they would take place in a free society. Hundreds are now archived.
Entrée The On Line Freedom Academy offers a way to study freedom in depth and interactively, so that all graduates both mentor new students and become so disgusted with government as never to work for it. This is prerequisite for a free society and the highlight of this banquet.
Dessert This is an 11-page minisite which briefly describes how a free society will probably work. It's an excellent place to bring those interested in that question but whose minds have been distorted by government teachers, or who are new to market anarchism.
Café Jim has written six e-books for free download; about liberty (complementing TOLFA), religion, taxation and Fascism. Click the pic for details.

Each course is completely free of charge.