How Government SILENCED Irwin Schiff

and what you can do about it

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Jim Davies' review of Irwin Schiff's life-mission, trial and conviction:
  • Summarizes Schiff's understanding of US income tax laws
  • Details how he was convicted without having broken any of them
  • Suggests how his prosecutors could honestly believe their case
  • Shows why government is much more evil than most imagine
  • Proposes action to take and shows why nothing less will do

That is done in a 132-page e-book, together with a further 300 pages in the well-indexed electronic Appendix of key public-domain legal filings, by Schiff, his judges, and the government.

Jim does not recommend defying the IRS and refusing to file or pay income tax, even though no written law has been found to require either action; however if any reader is already obliged to defend himself against that agency, there is no more useful resource upon which to draw than the comprehensive filings found in the Appendix and explained in the text.

He does recommend "standing back" to try to understand how it is that when someone is convicted of breaking these non-existent laws many onlookers are astonished at the jury's stupidity, whereas when such a defendant is acquitted the judge is astonished at the jury's stupidity. From what different sets of premise can these two things both be true? Is "law" in the United States really what we have supposed it to be? Jim suggests that it is not.

His findings lead to a conclusion seldom found in the "Patriot" movement, which indicates that government is a far more contemptible and deceptive organization than generally supposed. Better yet, he does what is rarely done: having understood the problem, he proposes a way to solve it - fully, peacefully and within a single generation.

How Government Silenced Irwin Schiff is available as an e-book, ready for download to the reader's own PC as a lasting, searchable and valuable resource, for a price of only six Federal Reserve Notes.

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