On the Other Hand...

by Jim Davies

Will We Win this War?


President Bush says Yes, We will. And in the week that he said it, his approval rating shot up to 90%, so proving that he's no Shrub; just as, ten years ago, Daddy proved he was no Wimp.

And to be sure, the first two weeks of his government's campaign have been spectacular. Not a single shot fired so far, no blood spilled, yet an unprecedented alliance has been formed with almost every other government including every neighbor of Afghanistan, wherein is believed to reside the #1 suspect; and a military alliance is being forged with the folk in the North of that sad country who want to replace the government that gave him shelter. Outstanding! - maybe after all they did learn something from Vietnam.

But before we wave the victory flags, let's pause to define our terms and use a little quiet reason. First and foremost, who is "We"?

In reality there are at least three players in this global drama, not two.

The first (Terrorist Group "A", for "Arab") consists of the cultists who have been brainwashed to kill Americans while killing themselves. There are, we are told, several hundred groups (of perhaps a dozen each) of these kamikaze Muslims, scattered all over the world. Those 2,000 or so front-line members of Group "A" are independent of each other and of any central control; they have already been programmed as human robots and are now let loose to work their mayhem. If and when any of them are rooted out by Group "B" (below) there stand ten thousand or more fanatics ready to take their places from the streets of Gaza alone; these are the teenagers whom you saw expressing delight that America had been shown no longer invincible, and dancing along with mock grenades around their belts.

And behind that second row of thousands of fanatics stand several hundred million Muslims, who presently abhor their actions as much as any other civilized human being but - were Group B to screw it up - many might easily change their minds and join Group A. So Group A is very formidable indeed; and it seems its aim is not so much to cause havoc in order to win clout at some bargaining table, but to destroy the table. They will kill Americans, period; and the more Americans they kill, the more virgins lie ready to welcome them to their heavenly reward. Such is the power of religion.

The second (Terrorist Group "B", for "Bush") consists of all the world's political classes, who rightly see that the new warfare of 9/11 spells doom for the lot of them unless they get a handle on the situation. So previous rivalries are laid aside, in the interest of preserving the Class, of excluding the rude new contender for power. It's important to note that Group B is just as terrorist as Group A, but employs different tactics.

Those terror tactics include:

That's just part of the American component of Group B. Worldwide, in the 20th Century alone, the Earth's governments have killed over one hundred million people supposedly under their protection who were not in military uniform, as "Government as Grim Reaper" shows in greater detail.

That slaughter by Group B terrorists puts the 6,700 killed on 9/11 by Group A in perspective.

Then the third party is "C", for "Cattle"; it consists of you and me and everyone else. We are those whom B has been herding around and milking, when it's not busy killing us, and that A has said it will kill for sure if we sport the Stars & Stripes. We are actually the only useful category of human on the planet; we are the productive class, that generates the wealth that B and A love to waste and destroy. We invented the airplanes that Group A flew, we explored the chemistry of the oil under the sand on which they dwelled to provide a fuel to power them, we even taught them how to fly, and we built the towers that they brought down on 9/11. Our error has been to tolerate the existence of B, which motivated A to get so angry - as shown here.

So, who is "We" in our title above? I say it is Group C. How about you?

Who will win the war between A and B? - I'm not at all sure, and I'm not at all sure that I care. Well, maybe I prefer B a little bit - because it's easier to see them coming and to go where they ain't. And the leader of B has sworn that he will, at any cost (to C, of course) defeat A. He will not win it however at any acceptable cost; the loss of liberty as well as lives would be far, far too high even were he somehow to eliminate the whole of A.

But my main hope is that somehow, out of the appalling mess that B and A have created, the human race may yet regain enough sanity to hand the victory to C while tossing A and B, both, into the same trash can. It won't be easy - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. The next many generations depend on us.

Can you help? - oh, yes. In a TV interview with an Arab station Osama Bin Ladin himself showed how: all Americans are guilty, he said, whether the soldiers or "those who pay taxes to support them." He was right; if you pay taxes to Group B, you are helping to prolong its existence and to pay for all the terror it delivers and all its provocation of Group A to deliver more.

Go here to find out how to stop. It's our single best chance of ensuring a victory for Group C. Can we win this war? - yes, but it depends on you. Right now.

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